Meet The Team

Dr. Kevin Klecka

Physical Therapist
Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Klecka, and I’ve been a physical therapist since 2014, primarily in the outpatient setting, though I have some experience in nursing facilities and home health. I received my training at Southwest Baptist University, receiving my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT), and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Georgia State University. Physical therapy has naturally been my life calling as a lover of sports and passion for helping people. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and playing soccer, which I do a couple of times per week.

Mr. Zachary Jones

Physical Therapy Assistant
Hi, I’m Zachary Jones, the physical therapist assistant here at pinpoint. I am a former college athlete whose passion for physical therapy stems from personal experiences as a patient. I pride myself on getting my patients back to doing what they love.

Mr. Abdul Rehman Kaka

Physical Therapy Technician
Hi, my name is Abdul Rehman Kaka and I am a Physical Therapy Technician at the Pinpoint Rehab South location. As a PT Tech, I start with bringing patients in, take their vital signs, help patients during exercises, and do massage therapy or set up the ESTIM machine. My core values that I live by are: having integrity, taking responsibility, being honest, teamwork, and respectful. I am originally from Pakistan and fluent in Urdu, Sindhi, and Saraiki. I love to travel, spend time with my friends/cousins, play volleyball, and try different kinds of Chai. Please stop by, make an appointment, or just say hi!

Mr. Shubham Rana

Physical Therapy Technician
Hi, I'm Shubham Rana, physical therapy graduate fascinated by the mechanics of how people move, run and walk. I enjoy creating enthusiastic exercise programs that focus on the healing process. I look forward to meeting you no matter the injury you're dealing with so we can work together to get your quality of life back.

Mr. Christopher Barreda

OWCP Consultant

Hi, I'm Christopher Barreda, and here's a quick snapshot of what I assist most injured federal workers with: 1. Filing New Claim 2. Management of Existing Claim 3. Overturning Denied Claims

Ms. Victoria Murphy

Claims Manager
Hi, I am Victoria Murphy, your Claims Coordinator with Pinpoint Medical. I act as a liaison between you and your claims examiner with the Department of Labor. Together we will get your claim open and accepted, no matter where your case is in the DOL process. I am very excited and looking forward to assisting you with all things claims management.

Ms. Mariela Torres

Revenue Cycle Manager
Hi, I'm Mariela Torres, Revenue Cycle Manager for Pinpoint Medical and Pinpoint Rehab. I'm passionate about tracking all things related to billing. Eager to provide sustained improvements in reporting and profitability.

Ms. Jovell Secorata

Medical Administrator & Clerk
Hi, I'm Jovell Secorata, the Medical Administrator & Clerk. I'm responsible for finalizing and cross checking medical and physical therapy notes & narratives, e-comping documents to the U.S. Department of Labor and ensure that all physicians orders have been completed. I also verify patient medical appointments with third party providers.

Ms. Yudith Hernandez

Front Desk Coordinator
Hi I'm Yudith, the Front Desk Coordinator at the South location. I have 4 years of patient care and 3 years of administration support. I greet patients with sincerity and warmth. I also assist patients with scheduling along with overseeing the day to day office flow.

Ms. Michele Vargas

Medical Clerk
Hi I'm Michele! I am a Medical Clerk, specializing in handling patients and providers medical inquiries, such as authorizations, benefits, claims, and prescriptions. I'm behind the scenes but very involved in the flow of your claim.

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